Be THAT Girl!!


WOMEN’S 5 quick tips to reach a man’s heart, staying there and being THAT girl he cherishes. ..
1.Men are hungry; become a great cook. A tough day for any man becomes a better day quickly if he walks into his home smelling dinner!! If he’s the cook, learn about making a few entrées, he’ll need a break -and don’t forget to shop for the list to help him!
2.Men do not need to financially support your retail therapy, your cosmetic/body/beauty maintenance, your extensive wardrobe, shoe collection, accessorizing obsession, your house decor do-overs or your pets. They can usually live without those in their personal budget. Even if you’re a couple, respect the family budget. Make enough money to support these and “still” add to the team or family account. It’s the right thing to do. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, google ways to earn extra money at home…there are 1000’s of ways so you’re not dependant 100% on him.
3. Keep yourself slamming fit! You need to LOVE YOURSELF before you can expect him to!! Get your hair done, do your nails. Seek Therapy if your depressed, have emotional issues, or need self-empowerment. Even if you don’t wear make-up, at least have on mascara, lip gloss with fresh breath when your man comes home!
4. Have your passions-hobbies-interests that you love and stay involved with…you’ll stay full of great conversations and be interesting. Also, being active in your own thing means never being predictable (Boring!) If you make yourself completely and totally available. ..your man can feel smothered. Even if your married and your man seems to want a lot of your time, trust me girls, say no sometimes. Absence is healthy. It creates many positive benefits for both people.
5. Feed your man’s ego…compliment him…be his biggest fan…go out of your way to engage in his world. Save your debbie-downer day gab for your gf’s!! Throw in a back rub while you encourage, support, compliment him!!!
These are just five dating and relationship coaching tips. If you need more insight on finding and keeping love, contact me,
Life Coach Annalisa!


Re-design Your Life!

ImageHere’s a little info about how to  re-design your life! These are tips I give individuals who come to sessions when they are at a crossroads, and wanting to recreate their life. Whether they are having trouble in relationships, experiencing anxiety or depression, or needing to discover their calling, these are the first tips I share with them:

  • CHANGING YOUR THINKING WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. We all have a brain that like a computer, defaults to the negative, the worst case scenario, the doubt, fear, guilt, the self-sabotage, the hopelessness — I believe that when Satan gave Eve the apple, it wasn’t just about SIN…God was in a sense saying, “If you stay in connectedness with me, seek me, I will bring you peace. I will comfort you, I will bring to your mind thoughts of hope, joy, patience, peace, happiness, love, etc…But, if you are out of connectedness with me, you are opening your mind to all that is not of love…other influences…

– hopelessness, guilt, fear, doubt, shame, lust, just to name a few” …..all those are negative thoughts of the mind. Based on your thoughts in your mind — you experience emotions. Then, based on those emotions…we act or react. So, if we program (and constantly re-program) our minds, controlling our thoughts, it is then, we are able to control our emotions, and then in turn, act in ways which we do not regret, or act in ways that attract that which we most desire. IT ALL STARTS WITH THOUGHT!!!!!

  • DAILY QUIET TIMES are essential for connecting to your deep thoughts, connecting to God, and putting time invested in a quiet place to re-program your thoughts, and shift your perspectives to the best case scenario, the positive side , and the happy thoughts of what you desire, and what you want, and what you want to do, change, see, or be — etc. Quiet times are not just for lifting your desires to the Lord in prayer, but they also, if you allow your mind to be still and go quiet; it is amazing how God can speak to you in this time.  Meditation is an amazing way to reduce stress, eliminate depression, and add time for you (that you deserve!) to reflect and ponder what you want and how you will proceed to achieve it!
  • PASSIONATE PURPOSE…if you have not considered what God’s purpose is for your life, if you have not discovered your calling, or know what your gifts, talents, skills, and creativity are, and how you can serve other’s with them, then you are missing a VITAL part of being all you can be. When you are involved in something outside your children and family, something you feel is worthwhile, (it may be your vocation or job, or it may be alongside your job as a part-time job) or it may be a hobby or deep interest, as long as it is something that you love to do…and you feel you are making a difference with this idea, or calling, or purpose. It aides in helping us to feel a sense of acceptance, purposeful, and helps us to feel we are serving others and making a difference.Some people choose a career, or a job for this, but most people are not in a career or job of a lifetime. If you can spend time discovering your calling, you would complete a void in your life that you may not even realize is missing. AND….you become a much more interesting and unique person who has an apparant passion and interesting things to talk about, and less likely to become co-dependent on someone in a relationship to make you feel worthy, or special. If you are depending on a relationship partner to make you feel valuable, you are making a big mistake. You will, without realizing it, seem needy-clingy, or overbearing.  If you seek a mature, independent partner who loves what they do in life, someone who is balanced, and has personal activities that make them feel complete (sports, church activities, a busy career they love, or a hobby they are into) then you need to have the same! The best relationships  are when two independent people, thrive to grow personally and in healthy ways, come together and share their lives, not two uninvolved people who have no idea what their skills or talents are, have no personal direction or goal, and so they are completely reliant on someone else for their activities, fun, and making them feel valued. BIG mistake.

School should never be out for the pro. Admit your weaknesses. Have a coach or power partner help point out areas of weakness they see, or help you with encouraging you toward your goals. Whatever you’re working on (hopefully, always something) have that person be your biggest fan. The average of the 5 people you talk to the most is who you will become. That can be scary!! Are your closest friends -energy drainers, emotional vampires, or are they encouragers, lifters of your spirit?  Evaluate this carefully, it makes a huge difference in life.  Always be reading a good book, or watching a you tube video that is in the area of your personal interest. This information can be very helpful toward personally growing to be your very best.

  • MAKE YOUR MUST HAVE LIST FOR YOUR IDEAL PARTNER if you are single and desiring a soul mate….

This is HUGE. If you do not have set boundaries for the kind of companion you want, how will you ever know if the next one you meet or go out with will match with your values or your lifestyle? The biggest relationship mistake I see in my coaching practice besides ‘one person not having a personal goal’, or a ‘passionate interest’ (so they lean too much on high expectations of their partner to get what they are seeking in life) is that they fall too quick, or too easily for someone they are very attracted to (in looks) and then after becoming emotionally and sexually connected, they realize the other person is becoming distant, or the other person doesn’t fit their lifestyle, or they constantly don’t meet your expectations…and so…you’re disappointed once again.  Make the list. Never settle. BELIEVE in that person, who is right for you, EXPECT them to show up in God’s way, In God’s time!!

    • LOVE YOURSELF. FORGIVE YOURSELF.  God made you in His image. He didn’t create junk. Satan just makes you believe you are- by getting in your head. GET RID OF those thoughts which do not align with peace, comfort and joy.  KNOW that you have great potential to be, do, and soar with anything you want to. Begin your mediations with I AM statements of affirmation. No one will believe in you, love you, care about you deeply, until YOU start doing these with yourself first!!!!
    • LIVE INSIDE OUT!  Most people do not live and operate life from this perspective. Know yourself, love yourself, openly and admittedly verbalize your weaknesses, and your gifts, skills, and talents…decide on a path, forgive yourself for past, and set boundaries for your life (what you WILL do, WILL NOT do, WILL have, WILL NOT have, and what you stand for, etc…) then you always know in a short time, if a new person, or opportunity comes your way — if it fits what you have already established as part of your life!!!  Most people though, never decide these things. They never list their skills, believe in their self. They never set their boundaries for an ideal partner…(even as detailed as considering where they want to retire!) so…they are like tumbleweeds in the wind…going with whatever rolls their way, and not understanding why they never get what they want!!!
  • CONNECT TO PEOPLE who are where you want to be – emotionally, physically, vocationally, and spiritually!! These are the folks that inspire you. These are people who will live their lives that reflect how you would most like to live yours!  They will be positive influences because you admire and respect their choices. you will learn more by surrounding yourself with successful people. You will reach higher when everyone around you is achieving their dreams. Add these people to your Face Book, follow them on Twitter, Google plus, or linked in. This way, you can learn how they are succeeding, how they are networking, how are they living life with a positive outlook, learn what their secrets are!
  • LET GO OF WHAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU.  It’s not easy to let go of things. Extra debt, extra junk, an obsession, a temptation, etc…Especially people or relationships, but as Dave Ramsey always says:

Do today what some won’t; to have later in life, what most other’s don’t!

  • YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MOST!!!  What you think on you bring on. What you think about, you bring about.  If you will start saying affirmations in your head as you think during the day, or when you have quiet time, or meditate: I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM TALENTED! I AM DESERVING OF A PARTNER WHO LOVES ME UNCONDITIONALLY.  I AM ATTRACTING POSITIVE EXPERIENCES. I AM ATTRACTING LOVE TO MY LIFE. I AM MINDFUL OF HELPING OTHERS.  ETC…CREATE SOME AFFIRMATIONS OF YOUR OWN, BELIEVING, EXPECTING, AND REHEARSING THEM ALOUD OR IN YOUR MIND. It works!!! 


Have a FABULOUS day…remember…it’s up to you!!

Coach Annalisa~

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Relationship “BASICS”, do you have them?

Image Just as there is Etiquette for business, and for entertaining, and for family guidelines…there is relationship etiquette that you shouldn’t have to teach others. One problem that creates a huge gap between two people is when one person seems to understand these simple etiquette guidelines, and another person has a completely different perspective of relating to their partner.  When you have two people who can not seem to get on the same page, and this happens frequently, it is common that when one person tries to explain or help their partner try to understand their view about an issue, or a feeling, it usually ends up in an argument, or creates conflict.

I can not cover ‘all’ relational subject matter that presents couples with problems in one blog, but what is covered are the “BASICS” of healthy, relationship characteristics. The goal here is for you to cross reference this list with your behaviors, your actions, to see if you are making some big relationship mistakes. Also, you may find you need to make changes to improve on creating nurturing, loving connections for you and your love. 

If you are having relationship difficulty, it is always best to evaluate your own behaviors and actions, make self-improvements so you can become your best. When two people are their personal, very best as individuals, they create a bond that is more fun, healthy, intriguing, fulfilling, and passion will naturally develop out of a friendship on fire!

Here are the BASICS (etiquette) for healthy individuals to acquire in order to have a healthy relationship. See if you have some of these characteristics. Evaluate your actions and behaviors, your relationships can improve when you do!

BASIC Rules for INDIVIDUALS so they can experience Healthy relationships:

  1. Passionate Purpose – a person who has interests, a well-liked career perhaps, a hobby, or involvement in a ’cause’, a ‘service’, a work-related mission, or community, or maybe just a personal goal of some kind that drives them to learn more, do more, help more, and generally keeps them excited, challenged, and busy in pursuit of this great endeavor!
  2. Financially Independent & Responsible with Money – This person understands the importance of saving & earning consistently – a person who can make money, manage money, and save money, pay their bills on time, (without excuses or whining) has a positive attitude about money, is a person who can more easily ‘share’ money. This person could take the money they live on, and support an adequate lifestyle even without their partner. This person is able to communicate about money, financial goals, and compromise. This person is not spontaneous, or impulsive, or out of control in their spending habits.
  3. Not Jealous or controlling – this person allows their partner to live independently (have their own interests and activities) and embraces the differences in them. This person does not need to call or text their partner constantly – more than their partner prefers or is comfortable with. They do not have trust issues, they do not feel threatened by friendships their partner has outside the relationship. This person understands that social media is a friendship and networking community and there is not a reason to mistrust their partners use of it. This person is confident in their relationship, and therefore, it is easy to encourage their partner to grow their interests, their businesses, or their passions in whatever that entails.
  4. Never verbally or physically abusive, not easily angered. This person does not project their anger when their expectations are not met, because they are able to communicate without losing their temper. They have impulse control. They do not become emotionally irate. This person can calmly express their thoughts and feelings and have discussions that do not become loud, or full blown arguments. They know that straying from the subject at hand, name-calling, threats to leave, interrupting, getting defensive, and creative avoidant behaviors never lead to resolutions, they only prolong the issues which go unresolved.
  5. They understand their partners love language and cater to it.
  6. They understand their partners values, and are not trying to change them in any way.
  7. They are involved in some type of personal growth activity. Examples (Counseling, Bible study, retreat or self-empowerment activity, church, reading, group meetings, service, ministry, training course, continuing education, etc…) A person who continues to be teachable – is a person growing personally.
  8. They have close friends, and are involved in their extended families lives in some way. This is a sign a person doesn’t have grudges, but forgives and is compassionate toward other’s.
  9. They take care of their bodies, their environment, and their belongings, their children and their pets. They have pride to strive toward good health physically, take pride in cleanliness, and in strive to life a healthy lifestyle. They are nurturing to their children and pets (not involved in addictions of any kind, unclean home, soiled clothing, messy living/work area’s etc..) 
  10. They have a healthy perspective on how to treat their partner.  They don’t get bent out of shape when something goes wrong. They give their partner space when needed, give love and show love to their partner, they encourage other’s, they are kind, they support and edify their partner. They may hug often, they speak love and life to other’s, they are patient. They feel so confident in who they are, and where they are going, their view is that another person should be privileged to have their love! If not, (while they may experience a heart break) they will still go on thriving- because they know where God is leading them!!

Hope you have the BASICS down….life offers enough tough challenges without having to address confrontations on these 10 basic healthy relational tips!  Remember, it’s up to you to design your life. It’s not up to someone else to make your life better. When you are ALL YOU CAN BE, you will be interesting, fun, and other’s will be attracted to your zest for life! If your waiting on someone else to create your happiness, you will be waiting a long, long time. Create your own happiness, your own stability, your own confidence, and you will be VERY ATTRACTIVE!!

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Helping you BECOME your BEST!!   ~Coach Annalisa

“The List”…a guide for dating

Many people make the mistake of ‘falling into infatuation’ with the ‘illusion’ the person they are attracted to, is or could be, ‘the one’. They are in hopeful mode that the deeper character of this person is a match for what their personal needs are, so they move forward in the relationship, only to get disappointed after they become ‘emotionally connected’ because things aren’t working out. Their expectations are not met, and the whole ordeal is a big disappointment.  To keep yourself ‘guarded’, and determining if this person is a match, to keep from becoming too emotionally connected too fast…here is a sample list of qualities. It is important to have

the list….

Henry Ford SAW the Model T in his mind before he developed it.  Abraham Lincoln had a VISION in his mind of leading as an influential politician, running 9 times before being elected. Hank Aaron struck out way more times than he hit home runs because he was CLEAR on hitting homeruns and determined. BELIEVE in your soul mate. ASK God to bring you favor for a companion that is well suited and aligned with your needs and desires. TRUST that God is bringing this person to you. BE CLEAR WHO THEY NEED TO BE, by making a list. Use this one as a guide. Tweak it, Delete things, add things, and re-word things. But, HAVE YOUR LIST!!

This is a real list created for a client that she and I created, as she was having trouble evaluating whether to continue in dating after certain qualities or characteristics became apparent.

I am sending this to you because I didn’t know if you had a list, and hoping this will bring you much success in your dating endeavors!!

Love & Friendship ~

Life Coach Annalisa




  1. IDENTIFY the Characteristics you must have in someone.
  2. IDENTIFY the Personal needs you must have in a relationship.
  3. IDENTIFY the Must-haves within a relationship.
  4. IDENTIFY the Red Flags that sabotage a relationship.
  5. IDENTIFY your Values to determine if someone’s values match yours or come close.


Characteristics & Must Haves:   Someone who…

  1. Is financially stable and manages their money well.
  2. Is able to talk and communicate about thoughts and feelings.
  3. Is emotionally healthy.
  4. Is able to converse about many subjects.
  5. Can civilly discuss differences-NO: yelling, name calling, changing subject, interrupting)
  6. Does not get angry or defensive & communicates without harshness.
  7. Understands me; we get each other; get on the same page consistently.
  8. Asks questions to seek understanding before jumping to assumptions.
  9. Clearly communicates desires, and goals.
  10. Listens to me, and has input about my ideas, goals, and plans.
  11. Likes to have fun.
  12. Engaged with my children, enjoys activities with family.
  13. emotionally available to me (for my needs, and needing me for theirs)
  14. has a strong work ethic, likes what they do, has passionate purpose
  15. Loves the Lord, and there are fruits in their life to show that.
  16. Goes to church not because I do, but because they like to go.
  17.  approaches our dating decisions as a ‘team’ –  brings ‘us’ together on things
  18. Takes responsibilities for personal choices, actions and obligations – not blaming or finding excuses for things in their control.
  19. A gentleman –or- A Classy woman (well mannered) (socially fits into different type environments)
  20.  is patient
  21.  is kind
  22.  is not self-centered

PERSONAL NEEDS LIST:    Someone who…

  1. is thoughtful
  2. does not criticize me
  3. Encourages and praises and compliments.
  4. provides me with affirmations that we are secure and they are happy
  5. makes me feel important
  6. Makes me feel needed.
  7. someone who makes me feel accepted for who I am
  8. takes the time to know my heart, my desires, my favorite things
  9. is helpful to me
  10. is charming and uses words to affirm their feelings and adoration for me
  11. Accepts and understands my children, their weaknesses & their strengths.
  12. has positive, warm, energy when I am around
  13. always has a kind word to say
  14. Treats other’s they don’t know well in a kind pleasant way.
  15. Will listen to my feelings, even if it’s constructive criticism, and converse without argument about it, doesn’t easily get defensive, can discuss feelings with ease.
  16. Can get to know me on a deep level, without making me feel judged.
  17. Does not put me down, passively or openly.
  18. See’s my weaknesses, but cares about me, and is patient with me anyway.
  19. can laugh with me, not ‘at me’ about things
  20. is proud to have me beside them
  21. displays affection
  22. soothes me when I’m upset rather than get angry that I’m upset
  23. will stay in close communications, talking and texting – so I’m not guessing
  24. will be understanding of my past, and allow me time to grow through issues
  25. Will have my back about things rather than try to tell me I’m wrong; or if I am wrong, tells me in a loving constructive way, not a way that is hurtful.
  26. inspires me, encourages me, and creates positive energy when we’re together
  27. is romantic
  28. shares, is kind-hearted, generous, helpful, and fair
  29. initiates plans and creates plans, not one who counts on me to do it all


  1.  values companionship (romance, team, fun, communication, laughter, travel, prayer)
  2. values family (time, patience, fun, planning, providing, encouragement, )
  3. values God (attends church, talks openly about relationship, strives for best)
  4.  values priorities (financially responsible, work ethic, puts relationship 1st, )

***First, you should determine YOUR personal VALUES and then you know if someone else will be an ideal match because you will share the same ones – in the top 4-6, if at least 2 are the same, the relationship can work. If NO values are matched in two people’s top 6, trouble can occur. People make decisions based on their inner values – so expectations would constantly be unmet if people had vastly differing values.



  • Needs to borrow money, or have you front money until…, needs you to buy something to get paid back later, and needs you to co-sign on something. Needs to borrow an item, or your time, or your labor, etc…on a consistent basis. These are all indicative that they are financially, or otherwise- unstable. Financially unstable people over 40 usually stay that way. How to determine this: Look and listen for clues that they have ‘borrowed’ someone else’s item or items. They may have some type of loan owed to a friend or loved one. They are currently renting from a friend or staying with a friend or relative. (Understandable if a young student) They may be driving a car owned by someone else, but no plans to buy it. They sometimes have a part time job, or in a job that is temporary, are unemployed, or job-hoppers.   Takers.


  • Picks at little things about you. Makes critical remarks or points out little discrepancies about you. Try’s to appear as though they are teasing, but they do not sandwich these comments with praises, adoration, compliments, or encouragement.  Corrects you. Seems disturbed when you’re confused or make a mistake, rather than correct in a gentle- fun, way with laughter.  Belittlers.


  • Is not interested in spending time with your children, friends, or family. Their time around your children is just when he’s around you; he doesn’t make an effort or show attention or understanding to grow a relationship with them individually.They seem disinterested in your friends and family is a sign they may not be that into you.  Or, they may be a control freak and unappreciated your love of family, friends, and people because they want you to their self. BIG HUGE FLAG HERE.  Homewreckers.


  • Doesn’t take you or want to go out. They always want to ‘hang out’, but not ‘go out’…They only call at the last minute or doesn’t make a plan or agree with a plan in advance. They seem to only need you late at night. Or they may only see you after they have been drinking or has been elsewhere in the day or evening. They are not making you an important ‘part’ of their world, but making you a ‘part-time- good-time friend’ outside their world-but their words tell you otherwise. They sleep with you, but may have another sexual partner(s). (Ex. Someone married or in another relationship, or getting out of a relationship, someone who travels a lot, someone who is not committed exclusively to you, etc…) Homebodies.


  • Breaks their word. When someone breaks their word, or commitment, it makes a person feel rejected. It creates the belief inside of us, that we are unimportant, and something else is ‘more’ important. Emergencies and unexpected things happen, but if this happens frequently – BE WEARY.  A person who honors their word is a person of deep, good character. People who break their word often are usually unstable emotionally, uncommitted to a purpose or plan. Tumbleweeds.


  • Lacks a purpose, or ‘focus of passion’ in some defined area of their life! People with a passionate purpose, a defined interest of some kind, whether intertwined with work, or missions, or church related or voluntarily or hobby oriented, are just not as interesting and they are just wondering and many times unhappy and searching for contentment. They lack vision, or clear direction, and will be the type of person who may continue on a quest for direction only to fail at attempts to find it, or become discouraged. They potentially may stop a continued effort and become a stagnant type person who is growing weary of life in general. A person with passion in some area of life is a person who most likely, will not depend on another person for happiness, but embrace a great relationship to be an extension of their inner joy and mission. Question to determine: What inspires you? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? What are you passionate about most in life?Drifters.


  • Doesn’t feel comfortable talking about feelings. If you encounter an emotionally unavailable person, RUN! How to determine this: They do not ask questions to gather more information when you begin talking about your feelings. They may become agitated with the conversation. They may immediately stop the conversation, leave the room, get distracted, create avoidance, or change the subject.  Funtimers.


  • Quick tempered, easily frustrated or upset, or easily angered. This is a sign of an unhealthy emotional person who obviously has some unresolved issues within themselves. They are often the very people who ‘twist’ your feelings into making you feel as though YOU have done something wrong, or behaved hastily – when in fact, they have hurt you, and aren’t healthy enough to ‘hear’ your hurt or why. How to determine this: Listen closely to their tones and attitudes toward challenges that arise in their life, they will display this toward things outside of you long before they will demonstrate this to you in the beginning of a relationship. Signs are: easily agitated with a slow server, easily argumentative with a someone over a small situation, finds fault quickly with others, shows frustration over the slightest setback, complains about work a lot, has disagreements with people often in their circle of influence, is estranged from a family member (parent, sibling, child, former partner, etc)   Maddogs.


  • Has not lived alone or outside of being involved in a relationship. This is usually a sign that this person has trouble being alone. A person who is not comfortable being alone, is usually not in tune with their inner self. Often they do not like their self, sometimes they can be insecure. They possibly can be co-dependent, not always a good choice, because no one wants to be connected to someone who is needy-clingy. Question for them to determine this: How long have you lived alone, or been in the single lifestyle without being involved in a relationship?    Dependents.


  • Seems to always see the glass half-empty, has a down-spirit about them, shows a negative attitude toward work, life, people, and challenges –This person seems  ‘mad at the world’ or- only happy when they are around other’s, in a party, or at a social event, but down when they are in a quiet setting, alone, or with just you. This type of person is subtle at first with these type characteristics, but then starts showing stronger signs of them. This is usually a sign of a depressed person, or an introverted person who is unhappy, and feels unfulfilled in some way.  This type individual often looks for and is attracted to someone outgoing, a happy energetic person. They tend to seek out positive energetic souls to make them feel accepted and worthy – but when a person doesn’t discover this on their own, within their self, their relationships will have difficulties. Question to determine this: What do you love most about yourself? People down on life will be down on their self, and most likely have terrible trouble answering this.  Downers.


  • Doesn’t attend church regularly. Not really interested in growing in a relationship with God. Doesn’t really talk about God, or Faith, or Spiritual things. Fruits of the spirit are not apparent in this person’s life (love, joy, peace, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, patience (not pushing your way), gentleness (self-control))

Question for them to determine this: So, what’s God doing or showing you, in your life right now?



  • Draws attention to their self.In the way they dress, or the tone of their voice, or they are flirtatious regularly, or they purposely go out of their way to flaunt a behavior or talk about a subject to capture the attention of a proposed interested party – they buy personal gifts, or lavish gifts -or provide cooked items or favors over and above the normal (usually for the opposite sex) in an attempt to gain approval, or get affirmed, or just get attention. It can harm a developing relationship because these types of gestures are always misunderstood, and usually the ‘doer’ justifies their behavior as being a ‘good friend’. Beware of these types of individuals – they are searching for affirmations externally rather than find it within. Exhibitionists.

I Hope you will evaluate and tread easily into new relationships, or your current one with a greater knowledge and understanding of who you are, what you need, and create healthy boundaries, so you know who is meant in your life for a moment, a season, or a lifetime! Create your personal list….BELIEVE in this person, TRUST in God’s favor, KNOW you are deserving of this partner for life, and your soul mate will manifest!!!

Happy Dating!! May you discover your last first kiss soon!!

Life Coach Annalisa O’Toole

The ideas expressed in this blog are the sole opinions and professional advice of Life Coach Annalisa O’Toole and are for individual voluntary reading and insight is based upon personal perspective. This material is intended to be used as a guide and may not be suited for everyone.